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IRS Tax Attorneys - serving Buffalo, NY


As a vital piece of our Buffalo tax resolution team, our licensed tax attorneys specialize solely in working for Buffalo taxpayers in need of professional IRS advocacy.  Many tax debt problems require the finesse and professional representation of a licensed IRS tax attorney, and we are proud to offer these services to Buffalo individuals and businesses in need of proven tax settlement strategies by a licensed tax law professional.

Understanding the Tax Attorney Advantages

Privileged Communications

Tax attorneys have taken an oath and are required by law to honor attorney-client confidentiality. Through their licensing, they also possess the luxury of exclusive communications with IRS officials.  These two attributes combined offer a powerful advantage to Buffalo taxpayers with complicated tax problems. 

Exclusive Negotiation Skills

Tax attorneys spend years in tax law school and handling tax cases on a daily basis to develop an expertise in IRS negotiations. With the IRS having exclusive power to collect back taxes and penalties owed to them, having a licensed tax attorney negotiating for you can make or break your financial future.

Not Intimidated

As a direct result of having expert IRS negotiation privileges, our licensed tax attorneys know the intricate system of IRS procedures.  To Buffalo taxpayers, the IRS can be very overwhelming and intimidating, but our licensed tax attorneys are not intimidated by the IRS, and know how to properly communicate with them in the benefit for our clients.


Our tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. That, coupled with our firm's staunch requirement for customer satisfaction, gives our clients peace of mind when they hire our tax attorneys to work for them.

Get a Free Consultation with our Tax Attorneys

The tax attorneys at Pure Tax Resolution can provide you with an exclusive advantage in properly settling your tax debt problems.  Don’t trust your financial welfare to an amateur,  Contact Pure Tax Resolution for a free consultation with our tax attorneys (716) 970-4775

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