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Levy & Wage Garnishment Help - Buffalo, NY

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Every tax relief strategy we offer to our Buffalo-area clients is designed to settle your tax problems and protect your assets and wages.  So what happens when you let your tax problems accumulate and linger over time? The IRS will seize your hard-earned assets and wages without prejudice.  But before you hit the panic button, the IRS issues plenty of advanced notice before they execute a garnishment or levy against you, and there is professional levy and wage garnishment help in your area.  Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution has a team of in-house tax relief specialists that can contact the IRS on your behalf to stop wage garnishment and levies, but you must take action as soon as possible.

You Must Act Immediately

If you let your tax debt prolong without putting forth any effort to settle it, the IRS will exercise a levy or garnishment against you.  They will overstep any legal boundary to deduct a portion of your paycheck through direct contact with your employer, or put a levy on your assets, crippling your ability to buy or sell anything. So not only financially damaging, but also embarrassing. Could you live comfortably with these issues? Although it may seem like we are trying to scare you or cause panic, it's all necessary to help you understand how important it is to act immediately once the IRS threatens a wage garnishment or levy against you. Once you take action by consulting a wage garnishment relief expert, you are immediately proving to the IRS you are serious about settling your tax debt.

What the IRS Must Do Before They Garnish Your Wages

Before the IRS can exercise a levy or wage garnishment, they must send you two letters of notice. The first letter is a warning, and if you do not take action in the given time period, you will get a final notice informing you of the impending levy or garnishment.  Once the garnishment or levy hits, you are dealing with a very steep up-hill battle to stop the wage garnishment or levy.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Levies Today

If you are a Buffalo-area taxpayer being threatened by a wage garnishment, or want to take proactive effort to avoid being a target, it's in your best interest to consult a local wage garnishment relief specialist. Buffalo Pure Tax has a team of dedicated Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents who will fight on your behalf to stop wage garnishment and levies immediately. Call today, we are happy to listen to your needs and offer professional wage garnishment help. Free consultations (716) 970-4775

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