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IRS Audit Representation for Buffalo Taxpayers


IRS Audit Representation can be a valuable solution for Buffalo individuals or businesses facing an IRS audit, and need an expert tax consultant on their side. If you have received an IRS audit letter, it's natural to feel some degree of panic, as some audits can be very detrimental to a taxpayer.

Recently, the IRS hired thousands of agents to collect over $1.5 billion in tax revenue. So, enforcement activity of all kinds, including IRS audits, has been on the rise.

As mentioned before, an IRS audit can turn into a serious matter, however it's also important to understand that most audits issued by the IRS stem from a random selection process, where your name is picked out of a hat so-to-speak. These minor audits require that you send your tax documents to the IRS via mail, and usually ends there if they don't find any suspicious activity on your returns.  In more severe cases, like in a Field Audit, the IRS has identified evidence that your tax return(s) have been tampered with on purpose, they will send an agent to your home or place of business to conduct a comprehensive on-site audit.  Naturally, a field audit should cause much more concern, as the consequences are much greater if they do find evidence of foul play.  

On top of being targeted for an IRS audit, the stress involved with figuring out how to handle it is just as worse.  But, with professional IRS audit representation from a local tax relief expert, you are greatly increasing your chances of reaching an ideal settlement.   Especially, in the case of a full blown field audit at your home or office, you have much more on the line. We are proud to offer professional IRS audit representation to Buffalo-area taxpayers that are facing an IRS audit of all shapes and sizes.

Seek IRS Audit Representation Today

At Buffalo Pure Tax we have a vast understanding of the IRS audit selection process, and the steps necessary to help our clients avoid any issues. If you are a Buffalo-area individual or business currently facing an IRS audit, or would like to take a proactive approach to avoid an audit, our IRS audit defense specialists are ready to help.   We are ready to speak with you today, call now to get a free personal consultation for your IRS audit representation needs (716) 970-4775

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