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Business Tax Resolution - Business Tax Help of Buffalo, NY


Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution works with hard-working business owners in the local area to provide sound business tax consulting, and business tax resolution services.  We understand the pitfalls and hardships involved with growing a successful business in upstate New York, and our team of business tax help experts are trained in providing viable solutions to business tax problems, catered to the unique needs of our clients.  Whether you are struggling with tax problems from a few minor oversights in your returns or payroll, or your business is being threatened by severe business tax debt and IRS audits, we are prepared to diagnose the problem, and properly resolve your tax issues.

Business Tax Problems - The Usual Suspects

1. Payroll Tax Debt

Payroll tax debt is a very slippery slope, as they can snowball out of control even from a few simple oversights or errors within your payroll.  Many times, a business owner gets too caught up in addressing their clients/customers needs, causing their payroll tax obligations to slip through the cracks. This is a common issue, but regardless if your payroll tax delinquency is will-full or not, the IRS will exercise extreme measures to collect the debt you owe, and accrue nasty penalties and interest on top of it.

2. Worker Classification Issues - Employee or Contractor?

1099 or W-2? This may be an easy decision for most business owners, but some business owners in the Buffalo area may not understand the implications and tax consequences involved by not properly classifying their workers. The IRS will penalize any business if they think they are mis-classifying workers to cheat the system, and once they identify it, they will target your business with an audit and exercise liens/garnishments, and even criminal penalties against you and your business.

3. Overstated Tax Deductions

Understandably, business owners want to be able to deduct as many expenses they can on their tax returns, but many business owners fly too close to the sun when it comes to claiming deductions.  The IRS has a comprehensive procedure of monitoring business deductions, and if they feel you are attempting to dip into the tax deduction "cookie jar", you are at risk of serious financial and criminal penalties.

Resolve and Prevent Business Tax Problems

If you are business owner or representative in the Buffalo area that is currently struggling with business tax problems of any kind, or interested in taking a proactive approach to avoid business tax issues, we are ready to speak with you today. For a free personal business tax consultation, call  (716) 970-4775

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