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Professional Tax Resolution Services of Buffalo, NY

Tim Halcomb

"Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution was founded to offer a professional and reliable solution for Buffalo, NY taxpayers struggling with tax debt and penalties. If you are an individual or business in the Buffalo-area struggling with back taxes, penalties, audits, levies, garnishments, or tax problems of any kind, we look forward to helping you out of a difficult situation. Our in-house team of licensed Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs work diligently on the behalf of our clients to settle IRS and State of New York tax problems. Call us today at (716) 970-4775 to speak directly with myself for a FREE personal tax consultation, and expect nothing but a positive experience."       ~ Tim Halcomb, President of Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution


Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution

Are you a Buffalo-area taxpayer struggling with tax debt or penalties?

Are you receiving threatening letters from the IRS?

Are you a local business experiencing business tax problems?

Unfortunately, these questions are a harsh reality to many taxpayers in the Buffalo area.  There are a variety of reasons you could be victimized by tax debt, but regardless of the nature of your tax problem, it's crucial you seek professional tax help from a trustworthy tax resolution specialist.   Over the years, we have seen the pitfalls involved with owing tax debt, and the disingenuous tax relief gimmicks that prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.  Buffalo Pure Tax was founded to pick up where the faceless tax gimmicks fail to deliver.  If you are an individual or business owner in the Buffalo area in need of reliable and proven tax help, our dedicated tax specialists are prepared to offer you a wide range of tax resolution methods, catered to your unique needs.


Our Tax Resolution Services

Regardless of the severity of your tax debt, it will continue to accumulate and become more detrimental over time.  Consulting the proper tax resolution method (tax settlement strategy) is the best way to properly settle your tax problems now, and to avoid future tax complications.  Our comprehensive tax resolution services are designed to accommodate the unique needs of our Buffalo clients.

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IRS Back Tax Relief

IRS back taxes affect thousands of taxpayers across the state of New York, and many victims are hard-working taxpayers in the local Buffalo community.  More often than not, back taxes pop up when you least expect it, understandably causing much headache and stress.  The good news is that through the proper IRS back tax relief channels, your back tax problems can be settled.  Our team of licensed Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents have over 15 years of experience negotiating with the IRS to offer the ideal IRS back tax settlement program that best fits our client's needs.

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Licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

When it comes to settling complicated tax problems, it's frequently in the best interest of the taxpayer to have a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent addressing the tax problem. Only tax attorneys and enrolled agents possess the privileges required to negotiate with the proper IRS or State officials to offer our clients an ideal tax resolution.  The truth is, contacting the IRS yourself proves to be just as stressful as having tax debt to begin with.  Our tax attorneys have helped hundreds of frustrated Buffalo clients resolve their complicated tax problems, and offer sound consulting moving forward.

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Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief

If your tax debt or penalties continue to accumulate for too long, the IRS can (and will) exercise a levy or wage garnishment against your assets and wages.  Once you receive letters from the IRS, time becomes your immediate enemy.  If you do not address your tax debt in the time-frame given, they will compromise your assets and wages to satisfy what's owed to them, regardless if you can afford it or not.  Buffalo Pure Tax offers wage garnishment and levy relief for Buffalo taxpayers whom are ready to take action to protect their hard-earned assets.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

Tax penalties are the "insult" to the "injury" of your tax debt.  The IRS and State rationalize tax penalties as a motivation for taxpayers to pay their taxes on time.  There are a variety of different penalties in the tax code that can be enforced against you, and all will continue to accumulate if not addressed promptly.  Buffalo Pure Tax specializes in tax penalty abatement strategies to minimize, or even eliminate tax penalties for Buffalo-area taxpayers.

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IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS suspects miscalculations on your tax returns, you will be subject to an audit. The IRS randomly selects citizens to be audited, similar to a random TSA selection at an airport.  Although some audits are more severe than others, managing an IRS audit is extremely stressful and can be very hazardous if not handled properly. Buffalo Pure Tax is compromised of a professional team of Accountants and CPAs that work for Buffalo taxpayers in need of successful IRS audit representation, and helps them avoid potential audits in the future.

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Business Tax Resolution

As a local business, we understand the hardships and effort involved in running a successful business in the Buffalo area. Throughout the life span of any business, business tax problems normally arise at some point in time.  Most of the time, it stems from a simple oversight, either way, having business tax problems like payroll tax debt, overstated deductions, or mis-classified employees can spell doom for a business.  Buffalo Pure Tax has a team of business tax advisers that offer business tax help for local businesses of any size, and tax issue.

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Get Tax Help You Can Trust!

Providing comprehensive tax resolution services to individuals and businesses throughout the local areas of Buffalo, we are prepared to be your go-to tax resolution firm.  Forget about being a victim of the faceless tax firms you encounter on the TV, radio, and internet, Buffalo Pure Tax Resolution offers free consultations, 24 hour availability for clients, up-front pricing, and superior customer service from start to finish. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free personal consultation (716) 970-4775.

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